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I'm really having a hard time with the loss of my rabbit, Thumper.

I've been bursting into crying fits all day, because I just get so overwhelmed with sadness, the only thing I know how to do is cry. I miss my buddy very much. I just want him back. He was a year old, he deserved more time.

I feel more at peace knowing that he died from something that couldn't be helped. He had cardiomyopathy, as his heart was floppy. He had a massive seizure and died instantly. It was traumatizing for me to watch, he looked so helpess. But even though I know that he couldn't be saved, I'm still very sad.
My favorite memories include the bunny trying to steal ice cream from me, him running on his leash like he was the happiest bunny in the world, the fact that he bonded with my kitten and cat and would share food with him (the kitten likes vegetables, he's weird :P), and always being there for me when I needed him. He was an affectionate, loving bunny. He would lick my face, my hands, my clothes, and my blankets. That was his way of saying I love you. I think he knew how much I loved him.

It breaks my heart that he isn't here anymore. He was much more than a pet. He was my friend. I would give anything to have him back, I think all of us would do anything to have our bunnies play with us again.

My beautiful cuddlemonster.

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This may be of interest to those who have more than one rabbit; I've seen some questions going around lately about how to help a surviving bunny companion when his/her bunny-partner has passed away.  This article has some interesting information, and helps give us some insight into a rabbit's complex psychology. 


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My lovely NIbbles crossed the Rainbow Bridge back in June - this is one of my best pictures of her in one of her favourite places, under the Christmas tree!

She was never a cuddly rabbit but she could be affectionate at times, reaching up to request a grooming over her head and neck :-)

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A tribute to my little princess. It's taken me a week to do this. My mind just doesn't want to accept she's gone. That she's still there. Though i keep telling myself that it's not true. Essy is still besides herself. She's so depressed. I gave her a stuffed bear to cuddle with and she shoves it away. I guess it's not the same as Rachel or Brighton was. Myself, i wonder why i haven't cried more. I can't help, but wonder if i cried out all my tears in the days and day of her passing. I'm just numb to the fact. 

Rachel was my princess bunny. All my buns have their invididual personalities and Rachel was the little Princess. She was haughty and sweet at the same time. She was sick for so long. She also missed Brighton terribly. She never bonded with any other bun like she did Brighton.

In my tradition of making memorial video's here is mine for Rachel's. Hop freely my love....

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Welcome to [info]rainbow_rabbits, a community for sharing your memories and photos of pet rabbits who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. 

This was my little girl, Maxima (right after a good brushing!).  She passed on in 2008. 

She opened my heart and my world to rabbit ownership, and she made that world a better place.

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